My Passion


I love to capture the expressions & moments on my camera.

I love to shoot pictures of natures, jungles, mountains, beaches, landscapes, gardens, highways, ghats, and cityscapes.

I believe in taking a perfect shot rather than doing cheat photography (editing pictures to make them look as if they were shot in one-single go).


I am often referred to as a technology geek or technology freak.

Incipiently from computer hardware & software and all the way to web technologies, I have travelled a long technological journey.

As of 2017, I have completely transitioned to WordPress..


I love to travel & explore new places, the surroundings and learn more about its history.

I am mainly attracted to historical places, heritage monuments, archaeological sites, hill stations, villages, jungles, beaches and extremely remote locations.

I love to self-drive, and my road trips are not only fascinating but full of excitement, fun & adventures.